Sound Design
Sound Design
EA Respawn - Apex Legends - Emotes
Game Sound Design - Audio Implementation
EA Respawn - Apex Legends - Caustic's Lab
Game Environment Audio Design
The Tomorrow War Excerpt
Creature Sound Re-Design - Mix
IGG - Lords Mobile - "The Wonder Arrives" CG Short
Sound Design - Music Edit - Dialogue Recording & Editing - Mix
Paddle Force
Game Sound Design - Adaptive Score - Wwise Audio Implemetation
IGG - Sea Fortress Opening Cinematic
Sound Design - Music Edit - Dialogue Recording & Editing - Mix
IGG - Mobile Royale Opening Cinematic
Original Score
Logan's Run Excerpt
Retro Sci-fi Score Re-Design
Make You Feel My Love - Dutch Robinson & The Foundation
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Ain't Got Nothin' - Dutch Robinson & The Foundation
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It was a real treat to engineer, produce, mix, and master this two song EP by the R&B hall of famer Dutch Robinson and his incredibly talented band The Foundation. Their creative rendition of Make You Feel My Love is strikingly original. Ain't Got Nothin' is a remake of one of Dutch Robinson's hits from the 70's.

Phase Shift - Devon Bird
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An original composition - modal exploration with electronic production.

IGG - Galaxy Mobile Opening Cinematic
Sound Design - Music Edit - Dialogue Recording & Editing - Mix