Ominous Beat, helicopters, & Air Raid -
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Marching & Static -
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Skellig Screamer - Devon Bird
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Phase Shift - Devon Bird
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Make You Feel My Love - Dutch Robinson & The Foundation
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Ain't Got Nothin' - Dutch Robinson & The Foundation
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Star Citizen - Hornet Trailer
Sci-fi Sound & Orchestral Score Re-Design
Nissan Winter Allies Commercial
Sound Re-Design
Sound & Heavy Metal/EDM Score Re-Design - Wwise Audio Integration
Alien - Modern Recut Trailer
Sound & Score Re-Design
Logan's Run Excerpt
Retro Sci-fi Score Re-Design

Some excerpts from the soundtrack of an Art Institute play production of Julius Caesar. The play was adapted to take place in a militarized dystopian near future setting.

It was a real treat to engineer, produce, mix, and master this two song EP by the R&B hall of famer Dutch Robinson and his incredibly talented band The Foundation. Their creative rendition of Make You Feel My Love is strikingly original. Ain't Got Nothin' is a remake of one of Dutch Robinson's hits from the 70's.

An original composition - modal exploration with electronic production.

An original composition exclusively using source sounds that I recorded around the city. I used heavy post processing and wave table synthesis to morph and twist the non musical samples to create something musical.

Original SFX, BGs, foley recording, and score. The dialogue was ripped from the original movie. The modern recut trailer is a fan made edit.

A Secret Life (Devon Bird remix) - Brian Eno
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A remix of A Secret Life by Brian Eno and David Byrne. I edited the song into a triplet feel and added rainforest ambiences, tabla, and a variety of other instruments and sound effects to give the song an exotic vibe.

© 2017 By Devon Bird.